Did you do your best?

The question for my kids has always been, "did you do your best?" If they can answer yes, all is well. We all get graded and judged by others but sometimes that is unfair. My daughters are great at many things such as dance. I am not gifted in the art of dance but I can always say, I did my best. This doesn't make me less just I have other gifts. Many times around other Christians I have felt inferior or not as talented. This does not mean I cannot serve the Lord. Romans 12:6 "We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us." God in his wisdom gives each of different gifts to serve. Our job is to follow his will and use our gifts for his glory. One day we will go to heaven and meet our Lord. Will you look at him and explain how it was all that woman's fault? Will you say I wanted to be a great healer but you didn't give me the gift? Or will you look him in the eyes and say I did my best with the gifts you gave me to serve? Doesn't Jesus deserve our best?

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