We are supposed to Love Everybody?

"Love one another: as I have loved you" John 15:12

Pretty straight forward. God loved us so much he sent his only son. Jesus loved us so much he died for us. And he would have for just me or you. Or that guy that honked and ran you off the road. The lady blocking the grocery aisle and complaining about you into her phone. Yes the biggest jerk you ever met.

I always loved this cartoon and thought, "Why?" God could have made everyone easy to love and then I wouldn't disobey this rule. But he gave me forgiveness with his blood, because I too have been hard to love. Jesus loved period. The good, the bad, and you know are all loved the same. If we expect his grace, we must learn to love like Jesus. Yes I know we will get hurt along the way. How do you think it has worked for Jesus? Everyday he looks at a lost soul and cries for them to come home. But he celebrates when we come home. I know somedays it seems like too much. Remember, Jesus loves you! Our job is to help everyone know the love of our Lord.

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